Bayshore Drive roundabout

Bayshore Drive from drone view

 In 2017, a $2.6 million grant from the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund was awarded to Council for the construction of a new gateway roundabout at the intersection of Bayshore Drive and Ewingsdale Road, Byron Bay.  The total cost of the roundabout is $5.7 million with Council contributing $3.1 million.  Work started in April 2018. 

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The grant means we can deliver this critical piece of infrastructure to the community sooner.  The new roundabout will be of enormous benefit to local residents, business owners, employees and customers, as well as more than 20,000 motorists, who use the Bayshore Drive and Ewingsdale Road intersection on any given day.

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Information sessions

Building a major intersection roundabout can take around 8-10 months to complete.  While the long-term benefits are substantial, Council understands that the impacts on local residents and businesses need to be understood and taken into account where possible.

Throughout the project, staff will be connecting with the community about the upcoming works and information around traffic disruptions, congestion and other issues.  

If you'd like to stay informed, or you have concerns, please come along to one of our information sessions. The dates and times are shown in the panel to the right of this page.


Council is constructing a roundabout at this intersection to promote traffic flow and alleviate congestion at one of Byron’s busiest intersections.  It is called a ‘gateway roundabout’ because it provides connection to the Arts & Industrial Estate and forms the entry point into Byron Bay.

The works started in late April 2018, and should be completed by Christmas 2018. Stage 1 will have minimal effect on traffic, because construction will take place outside of the existing Ewingsdale Road traffic lanes. Stage 2 will commence in October and will involve detours via Sunrise Boulevard and potentially Banksia Drive to exit the Arts and Industrial Estate.

SEE Civil Pty Ltd were successfully selected from a competitive open tender process in which Council received three tenders.

The new roundabout will have two lanes and look similar to the roundabout at the Sunrise Boulevard/Ewingsdale Road intersection. It will have two lanes and will be constructed using Concrete. It is Council’s intention to incorporate public art into the centre of this gateway roundabout. Byron Shire’s Public Art Panel will manage the design and procurement of the artwork.

Council will be working with the Contractor to minimise traffic delays as much as possible. Information will be provided on Council’s website and Facebook pages and signage boards to alert motorists to upcoming changes and delays.

Council is hoping to have this project open to traffic in time for Christmas 2018. Council will provide more information on any traffic impacts over the festive season.

This project will involve complex traffic management and staging, as well as the relocation of assets including the Council water main, overhead power lines and Telstra services.  The relocation of these services is unavoidable and our focus is to minimise disruption by getting the job done properly and as quickly as possible.

Traffic modeling has been completed at this intersection, and along the length of Ewingsdale Road. The modeling indicated that a roundabout at the Bayshore Drive intersection would be effective in alleviating traffic congestion and promoting traffic flow.

Council applied for and received a grant or $2.6M from the Australian Government under the Building Better Regions Fund grant program for this roundabout. The project will fix a well known congestion hot spot in our shire and assist all residents, employees and business owners in entering and exiting the Arts and Industrial Estate.

Council is including a small, 12 metre southern leg to the roundabout to provide future access to the newly zoned Industrial Land.