Bangalow Bridge Replacement Project

O Mearas Bridge

The Bangalow Bridges Replacment project will replace the exisiting Booyong, Parkers, James, O'Meara's and Scarrabelottis bridges (located in the Bangalow agricultural area) with new steel bridges. 

This significant infrastructure project is being funded by the Australian Government and the NSW Government as follows:

  • $2.59 million from the Australian Government's Bridges Renewal Program
  • $2.59 million from the NSW Government's Restart NSW Fixing Country Roads program.  

Economic Benefits

The economic benefits of replacing the five bridges include:

  • new load limits of 44 tonnes per bridge meaning heavy vehicles will be able to better service agricultural industries.
  • large trucks etc to make deliveries (i.e. water) to their rural residential properties.
  • improved access for larger vehicles including waste and recycling trucks and emergency services such as the Rural Fire Service.
  • improved access for school buses that currently cannot access some areas near Bangalow because of reduced load limits on bridges.
  • improved access for maintenance, plant and equipment for local agribusinesses.
  • improved connections for agribusiness to key freight networks, including Lismore, Casino and the Pacific Highway and airport and port facilities in Brisbane, Newcastle and Sydney; and
  • reduced annual maintenance fees of approximately $65,000 per bridge per year.

The five original timber bridges were built to service the agricultural industry.

The condition of the bridges has declined over time resulting in a decrease in load limits for vehicles. 

The load limits are a constraint for heavy vehicle access, particularly local agricultural industries including Booyong meat processing plant, macadamia and beef and dairy cattle farms.

The load limits also hinder the ability for larger emergency service vehicles, such as Rural Fire Service trucks to get access to some rural properties and businesses.

The load limits for the bridges prior to the project were:

  • Scarrabelotti’s Bridge – 10 tonnes
  • James Bridge – 15 tonnes
  • Booyong Bridge – 3 tonnes
  • O’Meara’s Bridge – 15 tonnes
  • Parkers Bridge – 3 tonnes

Once complete the load limits for each of the new steel bridges will be 44-tonnes.

Booyong Bridge

Note:  the following dates are approximate and may change.  All changes will be advertised on signage at the approaches to each bridge.

Closed on: Thursday 16 April 2018
Reopened: 26 August 2018

Booyong Bridge reconstruction - Time lapse video

Parkers Bridge

Closed on: 25 June 2018
Reopened: 7 November 2018


James Bridge

Note:  the following dates are approximate and may change.  All changes will be advertised on signage at the approaches to each bridge.

Closes on: 18 Sepember 2018
Reopens: 14 December 2018 (weather and construction conditions permitting)

There will be no access across James Bridge during construction. Vehicles travelling northbound on Booyong Road towards Bangalow Road will need to seek an alternate route. Access to Lismore Road via Booyong Road and Clunes is available during this closure. The replacement of the Booyong Bridge will be complete before James’ Bridge is closed to traffic. 


O’Mearas Bridge

Note:  the following dates are approximate and may change.  All changes will be advertised on signage at the approaches to each bridge.

Closed:  16 July 2018

Reopened:  23 November 2018

There will be no access across O’Mearas Bridge during construction. Vehicles travelling via Binna Burra Road between Bangalow and Federal will need to seek an alternate route. Access to properties on either side of the bridge will be maintained. 


Scarrabelottis Bridge

Note:  the following dates are approximate and may change.  All changes will be advertised on signage at the approaches to each bridge.

Closure of Scarrabelottis Bridge is not required to complete construction of the new bridge. Short-term stoppages under traffic control may be required from time to time. The new Scarrabelottis Bridge will be constructed intermittently between late May and November 2018. 

The new bridge is expected to be open on 14 December 2018.


Will I be able to drive across the bridges during construction?

Booyong, Parkers, James and O’Mearas Bridges will be closed to traffic during construction.  This means you will not be able to drive across them.  Each bridge will be demolished during the construction.  For this reason there will be no access for any vehicles, or pedestrians.

The exception is Scarrabelottis Bridge which is being built on a new alignment.  The existing bridge will be open to traffic while the new bridge is being built.

Will I still be able to get access to my property during construction?

Yes.  Property access will not be closed or blocked during construction.  If you have infrequent access requirements, for example an agistment, please call Shane Pearce on 02 6626 7072 and we will arrange for the contractor to contact you directly to discuss your needs.

Who is doing the works?

The contract for all five bridge replacements was awarded to SEE Civil Pty Ltd.

When will the bridges be closed?

Work on the replacement of the five bridges will start in mid-April 2018.  The bridges will be replaced in the following order.  Note the dates below are subject to change as a result of weather or construction conditions.  Exact closure dates will be advertised via signage at each bridge and on the Byron Shire Council website.

  • Booyong – closed 16 April 2018, reopened 26 August 2018
  • O’Mearas – closed 16 July 2018, reopened 23 November 2018                    
  • Parkers – closed 25 June 2018, reopened 7 November 2018
  • James – closes 18 September 2018, reopens 14 December 2018
  • Scarrabelottis – no closure required but new bridge expected to be in place and open on 14 December 

 Will there be a load limit on the new bridges?

The new bridges will each have a 44 tonne load limit.

My child catches the bus to school.  Will they be affected?

Yes.  There will be impacts to school bus services that use the bridges.  Bus companies have been contacted and are aware of the work on the bridges.  Please contact the bus company directly to discuss alternative arrangements.

Will I be compensated for the extra travel during construction?

No.  Compensation will not be provided for travel as a result of the bridges being closed.

I would like a job on the project.  Who should I contact?

SEE Civil is the principal contractor for all five bridges.  Go to their website to view current employment opportunities.

Why are the bridges being replaced?

The bridges are old, single-lane bridges that currently have load limits which restrict access for nearby properties and businesses.  Byron Shire Council has secured funding from the Australian Government’s Bridge Renewal Program and the NSW Government’s Fixing Rural Roads Program.  Byron Shire Council is contributing approximately $400,000 to the project.

Booyong Bridge will be reopened before James Bridge is closed.

I would like to purchase the materials from the demolished bridges. 

Material from the demolished bridges is not for sale.  They will be re-used by Byron Shire Council.  

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