Byron Shire Bike Plan

Council has prepared a 10 year Bike Plan to provide a strategic and holistic approach to cycleways, their provision and maintenance, and the way they connect across the Shire.  The new plan will build on work undertaken on Council's previous plan with a refreshed decade-long focus.

What's the purpose of the new Bike Plan?

The purpose of the plan is use feedback and ideas from the community about:

  1. their use and experience of cycleways around the Shire
  2. to identify where there are issues and challenges for cyclists and where improvements need to made.

The new 10 year Bike Plan will help Council prioritise works and enable community groups to prepare strategically-aligned grant applications in the future.

The new plan will assist Council in the provision of well-located and better connected cycleways and shared paths that will encourage more cycling for both recreation purposes and as a more sustainable mode of transport than cars. 

Thank you for your input

In late 2018, Council invited the community to have a say by completing an online survey.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their helpful ideas and feedback.  

We also conducted four design workshops around the Byron Shire which were well-attended and enabled us to gain important local insights into the issues, challenges and preferred design solutions.

All of your input was considered for incorporation into the development of the Byron Shire Bike Plan.

The draft Bike Plan was placed on public exhibition in July 2019.  This was a final opportunity for the community to comment and provide feedback on what had been proposed and around 60 submissions were received.  Thank you to everyone who made a submission and contributed their ideas and feedback to this process.

The Byron Shire Bike Plan was submitted to Council for adoption on 26 September 2019 but Council deferred the decision to the October meeting to ensure the community had a chance to review the changes made in developing the final document.

Download the Byron Shire Bike Plan

Download the Public Exhibition submissions 

Download the draft Byron Shire Bike Plan(PDF, 20MB)

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