Report a koala sighting

Reporting koala sightings contributes to a citizen science effort to monitor species distribution, which helps to ensure koalas remain in our landscape for future generations.

If you see a koala that looks sick or injured, get help immediately. Call the 24 hour Friends of the Koala Rescue Hotline on 02 6622 1233.

Report koala sightings

How to identify a male or female koala

  • Male koalas have a dark brown scent gland on their chest, broader face and nose, and are slightly larger than females. If tagged, the left ear is used for males.  
  • Females are most easily determined by the presence of a joey or juvenile. If tagged, the right ear is used for females.

Koalas can live for 10-12 years or longer in good conditions. Longer facial features and thinning ear hair may indicate an older koala.

Image of Gunther, a local 10 year old male koala. 

Give way to Gunther - a ten year old male koala.png