Recognise and rescue a koala in trouble

Sleeping up to 20 hours a day, koalas are generally nocturnal and more active around dusk and dawn.

As koalas move across the landscape in search of food, territory or a mate, they cross roads and encounter other animals. A bite or even a minor scratch from a surprised, fearful or playful pet can result in an infection that becomes fatal to koalas. Lingering at ground level without any obvious wounds can indicate that a koala is injured or ill, especially if near a road given the threat of vehicle strike.

Three key signs a koala is in trouble

  1. Dazed appearance - unfrightened or unmoving when approached.
  2. Malnourishment/illness - saggy skin and an arc-shaped line stretching across the forehead above the eyes (known as a ‘poverty arc’)
  3. Chlamydia/infection - reddish brown bottom fur stained by urinary leakage (healthy bottom fur is predominantly white and grey)

Call the 24 hour Friends of the Koala Rescue Hotline on 6622 1233 to help sick or injured koalas. 

Please put this number in your phone today! The sooner injured koalas receive vet care, the better the outcome. Avoid handling koalas as they can be fast with sharp teeth and claws. 

Image of a koala with a chlamydia infection. Photo credit Friends of the Koala.

Koala brown chlamydia bottom - credit Friends of the Koala.jpg

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