Coastal planning

Our coastline: Cape Byron to South Golden Beach

Planning for our coastline has started under the NSW Government's new coastal legislation. The planning will include the preparation of a new Coastal Management Program(s) or CMP.

A CMP is a plan of action for Council to:

  • address coastal hazard risks
  • preserve habitats
  • maintain or improve recreational amenity and resilience

Existing coastal management activities and previous Coastal Zone Management Plans will be revised.

The project will primarily focus on coastal hazards and the two areas of concern on the open coast between Cape Byron and South Golden Beach where property and/or infrastructure are at risk, including Belongil Beach and New Brighton Beach. The first stage of developing a CMP is the preparation of a scoping study.

Council is initially required to prepare a scoping study as stage 1 of a five-stage process, where Stage 1:

  • develops a clear understanding of Council’s progress in managing the coast
  • identifies the area's current values and the issues and threats it faces.

The extent of the Byron Shire CMP study area reaches from the northern tip of Little Wategos Beach to our northern boundary, immediately to the north of South Golden Beach. It includes the nearshore coastal waters and beaches, and extends landwards to the maximum potential year 2100 coastal erosion lines as developed by Council for the study area in 2013.

Study area


Where are we now?

Council engaged with the community in November and December 2018 via drop-in sessions and a survey. 

A more targeted workshop was held in February 2019 to:

  • Refine the purpose, vision, objectives and management areas for the CMP
  • Prioritise the threats to the coastal environment and risks from coastal hazards.
  • Identify what values and assets might be at risk and establish whether the risk is large enough to warrant more detailed assessment in Stage 2 of the CMP process.

The draft report (scoping study) is presently being developed and will consolidate all the information gathered during the first stage of the CMP process and will outline the proposed forward plan through the next stages of preparing a CMP.

The draft report is being reported to Council on 21 November, and will then be available to the public for comment and to provide feedback until 10 January 2020. The plan will be reported to Council for adoption in early 2020.

For further information, contact our Coastal & Biodiversity Coordinator Chloe Dowsett on 6626 0516 or .