Reducing community emissions


Find out more about Council's efforts to reduce community emissions. 

Community emissions by sector 

The following graph summarises community emissions by sector.

  • 30% Transportation
  • 3% Waste
  • 1% Wastewater
  • 66% Stationary Energy. 

Council operations comprise less than 5% of the Shire’s total annual emissions. 

A pie chart showing shire wide community emissions in 2018. Description of content is on the page.

Achieving net zero emissions  

In partnership with Council, community organisation Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) has set the ambitious goal of achieving net zero emissions for the whole of the Byron Shire by 2025. Council fully supports this goal and will collaborate with ZEB where possible to achieve it.

Becoming a carbon neutral Shire cannot be achieved by Council and ZEB alone. Council has a limited amount of influence over many Shire-wide emissions sources for example:

  • electricity usage in residential and commercial buildings
  • on-road transportation.

Council will continue to advocate and assist our community to reduce emissions, but reaching net zero will require ongoing commitment from residents, businesses and other levels of government.  

Current projects

Current projects that will help to achieve this goal by encouraging residents and businesses in their transition to a more renewable and sustainable way of life include:

SunSPoT solar mapping tool

Council has formed an exciting partnership with the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APvI) who have developed a solar mapping tool for the Byron Shire community to use for free.

Try the SunSPot mapping tool.


Encouraging Electric Vehicle ownership

Council has installed two Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in the Shire and supports Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) in its promotion of EV's.