Footpaths & cycleways

Byron Shire Bike Plan and Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan

1. Byron Shire Bike Plan

Council is preparing a new 10 year Byron Shire Bike Plan that builds on the work of our previous Bike Plan.

In late 2018, we invited the community to participate in an online survey, to have a say on pedestrian and bike paths around the Byron Shire and what improvements could be made in the future.  

We also hosted a series of design workshops across the Shire to gather local feedback, expertise and ideas.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute to this process which has provided invaluable local insights into how our community uses the existing cycling networks and identifies areas for improvement. 

2. Byron Shire Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan

Council is preparing its first Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP).

This important document will guide Council's actions and work to improve availability, access, safety and connectivity on our footpaths over the next 10 years.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our online survey and attended our design workshops held across the Shire in 2018.

The draft Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) and the draft Byron Shire Bike Plan will go to Council to be endorsed mid-year.  The documents will then go on Public Exhibition for further comments. 

3. About our footpaths & cycleways

Council currently owns and maintains 89km of footpaths and cycleways (shared paths), stairs and kerb ramps across the Shire.

Please click on the links below for paths in your area.