Construction Certificate for subdivision works

What is subdivision work?

The EP&A Act  defines subdivision work as any physical activity authorised to be carried out under the conditions of a development consent for the subdivision of land. A development consent that enables the subdivision of land may authorise the carrying out of any physical activity in, on, under or over land in connection with the subdivision, including the construction of roads and stormwater drainage systems.

Subdivision work includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • earthwork

  • roadwork, including pavement and finishing

  • stormwater drainage work

  • landscaping work

  • erosion and sedimentation control work

  • structural work (e.g. retaining walls, bridges, etc.)

  • work associated with driveways and parking bays, including pavement and finishing.      

Starting subdivision work

Subdivision work can not be commenced until the following matters have been addressed (together with other matters specified in the EP & A Act):

  1. a construction certificate for the subdivision work has been issued, and

  2. a principal certifying authority for the subdivision work has been appointed.

Get a Construction Certificate 

To obtain a construction certificate for the subdivision works from Council, a completed application form must be lodged with Council and is to include the following: 

  1. detailed engineering plans and specifications of the subdivision works compliant with conditions of development consent and Council’s adopted engineering standards, currently the Northern Rivers Local Government Development Design and Construction Manuals.

  2. a completed construction certificate checklist  - See application form(PDF, 226KB)

  3. a letter addressing each of the conditions of the development consent, together with evidence of how these conditions have been satisfied

  4. details as to which public authorities have been consulted with for the provision of utility services to the land; and 

  5. payment of the appropriate application fees and charges

Application forms are available from Council’s Customer Services Centre or online

Construction Certificate for Subdivision works(PDF, 226KB)