Residential Strategy

The Residential Strategy sets a clear vision and policy framework for the Shire’s urban residential lands. How we deliver future housing will influence the form of our towns and villages at the lot, street and neighbourhood level.

We want our residents to feel part of a community where there is a choice of homes to suit their current and future needs, in a town or village that reflects its own unique identity and local character.

Where are we now?

Council adopted the Residential Strategy at 10 December 2020 Planning meeting. The Strategy was forwarded to the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) for final endorsement.

DPIE requested a peer review of the Strategy which was finalised in early 2022.

In line with the review findings, DPIE indicated support for a refresh of the Strategy, with greater consideration of the number of future dwellings required to 2041 and the capacity to meet this target consistent with state policy position.

In this review, the COVID-19 pandemic and several significant flood events unfolded. This has led to further deterioration in people’s access to affordable housing and questions on what is safe, secure housing and the relationship to places of work. The DPIE is also reviewing and updating the North Coast Regional Plan.

Given this, a report will be provided to Council in the coming month to consider a program for undertaking a Residential Strategy refresh that takes into consideration the above as well as takeaways from the upcoming Byron Shire Housing Summit 2022.