Local Strategic Planning Statement

The Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) presents our 2036 framework for future land use within the Byron Shire. 

It identifies our land use planning priorities and how these are to be delivered, including;

  • Special characteristics that contribute to local identity.
  • Shared community values to be maintained and enhanced.
  • How future growth and change will be managed. 

The Local Strategic Planning Statement clarifies the relationship between State, Regional and our local Council strategies and creates a clear vision between,

By providing a snapshot of Council’s key planning priorities and actions, the Local Strategic Planning Statement will make it easier for the community to understand the future direction of land use in their area.

The Local Strategic Planning Statement is a living document, updated regularly to ensure it reflects Council’s land use planning priorities, which also in turn will inform changes to our Local Environment Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plans (DCP).

LSPS key priorities and actions

The LSPS is presented in 6 sections, setting out 14 planning priorities under four themes to guide future land use in Byron Shire. These priorities will provide the strategic basis for future land use decisions and how these achieve the community’s broader goals.

A Sustainable Shire

  • Protect and enhance our biodiversity, ecosystems and ecology.
  • Strive to become a sustainable community.
  • Adapt to climate change and build resilience.

A Liveable Shire

  • Support and celebrate our heritage, vibrant culture and diverse lifestyles.
  • Create great places that support and encourage an active, connected community.
  • Support Housing diversity and affordability with housing growth in the right locations.

A Thriving Shire

  • Support a strong diversified and sustainable economy based on Byron Shire’s unique character, landscapes and important farmland.
  • Develop and implement strategies to support agriculture, agri-business and farmers.
  • Promote and support local business development, education and employment opportunities.
  • Deliver an adequate supply of employment.

A Connected Shire

  • Ensure infrastructure delivery is aligned with planned growth.
  • Support through partnership, a network of sustainable transport options.
  • Support community wellbeing with appropriate community infrastructure.
  • Provide essential services and reliable infrastructure which meet an acceptable community standard.

Most of these priorities align with Council’s current Delivery Program/ Operational Plan (DP 2017-2021/OP 2019-2020), however some are new, coming from recently adopted strategies or place plans and others represent “gaps” to be included in a future DP/OP.

The implementation, monitoring and reporting section, includes all planning priority actions by theme.