Byron Local Environmental Plan LEP 1988

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) helps Council to:

  • Regulate the ways in which private and public land can be used
  • Ensure local development is appropriate and environmentally sensitive
  • Protect land through zoning and development controls
  • Zone and classify land for a range of uses such as for housing, commercial and industrial development, open space and rural development. 

It is a legal document prepared by Council and approved by the State Government. 

We operate under two LEPs.  

A number of areas with environmental values throughout the Shire and coastal zoned lands were deferred from being zoned in the Byron LEP 2014. These areas are known as Deferred Matters (DM) and are shaded white on the LEP 2014 land zoning maps

For DM areas, Byron LEP 1988 land use zones apply.

Note: These maps are not updated with areas that have progressed into LEP 2014 and should be referenced only for lands shown as Deferred Matter on the LEP 2014 land zoning maps

West Byron urban release area

On 14 November 2014, Byron LEP 1988 was amended in relation to the West Byron urban release area. The site is now zoned for a combination of residential, business, light industrial, public recreation and environmental purposes. 

Land use controls that apply to West Byron urban release area are contained in Part 4 of Byron LEP 1988.

1988 Amendment Number 66

A number of enquiries have been received relating to development within zone 7(f2) urban coastal land - Clause 32(4) of LEP 1988. This clause refers to a specific LEP amendment map which is available below:




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