Flood planning

Council uses three main tools to manage development in flood planning areas.  These are: 

We have four major floodplains:

Managing flood risk

Council manages flood risk management in accordance with the NSW Floodplain Development Manual 2005, in consultation with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

The primary objective of the State Government’s Flood Policy is to reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on individual owners and occupiers and to reduce private and public losses resulting from floods. 

The Policy requires that a merit approach be followed when dealing with planning, development and building in a flood planning area.

A flood planning area is the area of land below the flood planning level that is subject to flood-related development controls (from the NSW Floodplain Development Manual 2005). 

The manual defines flood planning levels as the combinations of flood levels (derived from significant historical flood events or floods of specific average recurrence intervals) and freeboards selected for floodplain risk management purposes, as determined in management studies and incorporated in management plans.


Flood Planning Requirements

Council does not currently have any adopted flood studies or management plans for the areas of the Shire outside the following floodplains:

Where development is proposed on land that is, or may be considered, within a flood planning area, the applicant will be required to submit a report using local flood information and/or flood modelling to satisfy the requirements of Council’s Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan. 

In most instances a professional Civil/Hydraulic Engineer (with qualifications suitable for admission as a corporate Member of Engineers Australia) will be required to prepare this report and/or flood study.

Contact Council’s Development Support Officers on 02 6626 7025 for further information on flood planning requirements.


Flooding information for your property

You can request flooding information for your property from Council.

Flood Information Certificate application form (PDF, 161KB)

A fee of $146/property applies. 

Council will interrogate the relevant flood model, using its software and provide a flood certificate, which will generally include the following information:

Item Maximum Minimum
Ground Levels

Level m AHD

Level m AHD

100 year flood

Level m AHD

Level m AHD

10 year flood

Level m AHD

Level m AHD

100 year Flood Hazard

Flood Hazard (Low/Intermediate/High)

100 year (2100) Flood Hazard

Flood Hazard (Low/Intermediate/High)

2050 Flood Planning Level

Level m AHD

2100 Flood Planning Level

Level m AHD

The above flood information will be sourced from the relevant food study or flood management plan




Need further information?

Council's Development Support Officers (DSOs) are available to answer planning related questions. To speak with a DSO