Byron LEP 2014 and 1988

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is a legal document prepared by Council and approved by the State Government to regulate and guide Council's planning decisions regarding land use and development.

LEPs allow Council to regulate the ways in which all land, both private and public, can be used and protected through zoning and development controls. They are used to zone and classify land for a range of uses such as for housing, commercial and industrial development, open space and rural development.

They are the main planning tool to shape the future of communities and to ensure local development is done appropriately and in an environmentally sensitive manner.

We are currently operating under two LEPs.  A number of areas with environmental values throughout the Shire and coastal zoned lands were deferred from being zoned in the Byron LEP 2014. These areas are known as Deferred Matters (DM) and are shaded white on the 2014 land zoning maps.  For DM areas, Byron LEP 1988 land use zones apply.

Byron LEP 2014

The Byron LEP 2014 was approved by the Minister for Planning & Environment and published on the NSW Legislation website, effective 21 July 2014.

Take a look at the Land Use Matrix(PDF, 278KB)  to assist with determining land use permissibility. 

Visit Council's online mapping tool or the NSW Dept Planning & Environment planning portal to obtain specific property planning information, including LEP maps searchable by address.

Byron LEP 1988

Visit Council's online mapping tool to obtain property  planning information, searchable by address. 

West Byron urban release area

On 14 November 2014, Byron LEP 1988 was amended in relation to the West Byron urban release area. The site is now zoned for a combination of residential, business, light industrial, public recreation and environmental purposes. 

Land use controls that apply only to that urban release area are contained in Part 4 of Byron LEP 1988.

View frequently asked questions about the West Byron urban release area on the Department of Planning website.

1988 Amendment Number 66

A number of enquiries have been received relating to development within zone 7(f2) urban coastal land - Clause 32(4) of LEP 1988. This clause refers to a specific LEP amendment map which is available below:

LEP Amendments (planning proposals) in progress

View planning proposals in progress

Apply for an LEP Amendment (planning proposal)

A request to amend a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) (ie land zoning or LEP provisions) is known as a planning proposal. A planning proposal is a document that explains the intended effect of and justification for, the proposed change.

The preparation of a planning proposal is the first step in amending a LEP.

Talk to us first:

  • A preliminary discussion with one of Council’s strategic planning officers is recommended prior to preparing a Planning Proposal Application Form(PDF, 176KB).  Officers can be contacted on 02 6626 7126 and can explain the process and discuss any issues that may be relevant to your proposal.
  • A pre-lodgement meeting can help you to understand the process particularly if your property has not been identified in an existing Council or State Government Strategy for the amendment you propose. 

Professional Assistance:

  • Planning proposals require planning expertise.  It is recommended that an external town planning consultant be engaged for the preparation of your draft planning proposal.  Other specialist consultants may also be needed to provide technical input to the proposal. 

Where can I find more information?

How long will it take?

Low impact LEPs amendments such as administrative changes or errors generally take three months to complete whereas more complex LEP amendments such as major land releases can take 12-18 months. 

Council officers will prepare a report to Council on the merits of the proposal. Council does not have to support all planning proposal applications.

A Council resolution to proceed with a planning proposal does not guarantee that the amendment will be made. If Council agrees to proceed with the planning proposal, it will be forwarded with or without changes to the Minister for Planning for a ‘gateway determination’. 

Fees and charges

Fees for the Planning Proposal process will be charged in accordance with Council's Fees and Charges.

Track your Planning Proposal

All Planning Proposals can be viewed on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment's LEP Tracking System