Short-term rental accommodation

The NSW Government have announced a new statewide Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) planning policy.

It will come into effect on 1 November 2021. This will provide industry time to become familiar with the new policy before it takes effect.

Byron Shire has been excluded from the new policy until 31 January 2022.

We are preparing a planning proposal for approval by the State Government to manage short-term rental accommodation. Until the planning proposal is determined or until 31 January 2022, the Byron Shire is exempt from the STRA policy.

View the Short-Term Rental Accommodation Planning Policy (PDF, 217 KB)


On 11 February 2019, the former Minister for Planning invited Byron Shire Council to prepare a planning proposal to manage short-term rental accommodation.

Visit our Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Planning Proposal for more information.

If the Planning Proposal is not finalised by 31 January 2022, the STRA policy provisions will apply to the Byron Shire. This includes a maximum of 180 days per year for non-hosted STRA. This means that Council will continue to be responsible for regulating STRA in the Byron Shire.

Short Term Rental Accommodation Code of Conduct

The STRA Code of Conduct and exclusion register took effect on 18 December 2020 and will apply to to all STRA in NSW.

The Code creates new minimum standards of behaviour and requirements for:

  • Booking platforms.
  • Hosts.
  • Guests.
  • Letting agents.
  • Facilitators.

For more information about the Short Term Rental Accommodation reforms, please visit the NSW Planning website.

NSW Planning has developed a Government-run STRA Register that will be integrated with booking platform providers.

Registration on the STRA Register is a mandatory requirement before a host can undertake STRA in NSW. When registering a host must confirm the building complies with the relevant fire safety standards.

For all areas, excluding the Byron Local Government Area, the STRA Register has been available from 10 April 2021. This has allowed a host to register before the new planning rules start on the 1 November 2021.

The cost of registration is a one off $65 fee and an ongoing $25 annual fee. These fees go to the NSW Planning.

The STRA Register will track the number of days a dwelling is used for STRA. This will be supported by registration data collected from booking platform integration. This includes non-hosted STRA activities, which will help with monitoring and compliance with non-hosted STRA day limits.

Access to the department’s STRA Register will be provided to all NSW councils and the Department of Customer Service to assist with monitoring and compliance.