Proposed RU6 Transition Zone

What is the RU6 Transition Zone?

Council considered introducing a new RU6 Transition Zone into the Byron LEP 2014. 

The zone is intended to apply to land currently zoned 7(d) Scenic Escarpment (Byron LEP 1988) that does not meet the State Government’s criteria for an environmental zoning.  The reason for a new zone is to maintain consistency with the existing 7(d) zone provisions and ensure scenic escarpment and other visually prominent areas are not eroded by inappropriate land uses. 

Under the Byron LEP 1988, the 7(d) Scenic Escarpment Zone largely covers most escarpment land in the Shire, as well as other visually important areas.

This is a sensitive landscape experiencing, and likely to continue to experience, increased development pressure.  Inappropriate development has the potential to erode the scenic values of these areas and conflict with community values and Council’s policy framework.

Where are we at?

Following community feedback that was reported to Council in September 2019 where it was decided to keep the  existing LEP 1988 zone, 7(d) Scenic Escarpment, in locations that do not qualify for an environmental zoning, until such time as a suitable replacement LEP 2014 zone is supported by the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE).

Staff are continuing to liaise with the DPIE and neighbouring Councils for a replacement LEP 2014 zone. 

For more information call 02 6626 7315 and speak with a Council planner.