DCP 2014 Chapter E5: Certain Locations in Byron Bay and Ewingsdale

This page provides details about a proposed amendment to Byron Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014, Chapter E5 Certain Locations in Byron Bay and Ewingsdale. Specifically, the amendment is to Section 5.5 Habitat. 

  • Address: Habitat development in the Byron Arts and Industry Estate, off Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay
  • Status:  Consultation closed 29 June, submissions report in preparation for Council meeting
  • Objective: To reflect the current Development Application 10.2020.87.1 on the DA Tracker website, which proposes a mixed use development.

Purpose of the amendment

Council received an application to amend Chapter E5 of DCP 2014 in relation to Stage 5 of the Habitat Development Application 10.2020.87.1 on the DA Tracker website.

The DA proposes Commercial, Retail and Tourist Accommodation over three (3) levels with a basement carpark. 

Chapter E5 of Byron DCP 2014 was originally prepared to facilitate the development of the whole of Habitat, as it was envisaged some time ago.  The development now proposed in DA 10.2020.87.1 would form Stage 5 of the overall development, but it is different from that originally proposed for that part of the site. Because of this, the provisions within the Chapter are proposed to be updated.  

The proposed changes are described in the Council Report of 21 May 2020 and shown in the marked up public exhibition version of Chapter E5.