Byron Bay Town Centre Planning Controls

Thank you to all who attended our workshops last year. Council staff collated all the information gathered and prepared a report for Council's meeting in November 2018.

Following that meeting, we have written to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment seeking the gateway determination that would allow us to formally exhibit the proposed amendments. We are waiting to receive that determination. 

If you would like to be kept up-to-date during this process, please email .

To achieve Masterplan visions, some of the planning controls in the Byron Local Environmental Plan (BLEP) should be reviewed and updated.

The aspects of the Masterplan that Council want to enable at this stage, by potentially amending the above controls, include:

  • facilitating well designed development of appropriate height and scale, in line with community vision;
  • defining the edges of the Town Centre 'business zone';
  • protecting the character and vibrancy of the town; and,
  • easing congestion and making the Town Centre more 'people friendly'.

The Planning Controls that have been discussed at previous workshops include; zoning, building heights, design excellence and parking.