Byron Bay Town Centre Planning Controls

As a result of the Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan and extensive community consultation, Council has initiated a review of the planning controls affecting the town centre.

A planning proposal to amend the Byron LEP 2014 and a new DCP chapter applying to the town centre is on public exhibition from 25 September to 15 November 2019.

The changes look at facilitating a town centre that promotes people over cars. The proposed changes include:

  • The introduction of a new B3 commercial core zone to differentiate Byron Bay town centre from other centres in the Shire
  • Removal of the floor space ratio controls to promote better designed buildings and reduce wasted land
  • The inclusion of the area between Lawson St. and Bay Lane in the 11.5m height limit
  • Controls for design excellence ensuring new buildings are designed well and incorporate sustainable principles
  • Maximum carpark provisions for mixed use developments
  • The introduction of a building height allowance map to account for flood levels
  • Active street frontages ensuring bottom floor development is inviting to pedestrians and integrates into the streetscape
  • Facilitating compatible mixed use development 

 Further information

Submissions close 15 November 2019

To achieve Masterplan visions, some of the planning controls in the Byron Local Environmental Plan (BLEP) should be reviewed and updated.

The aspects of the Masterplan that Council wants to enable by potentially amending the above controls, include:

  • Facilitating well-designed development of appropriate height and scale, in line with community vision;
  • Defining the edges of the town centre 'business zone';
  • Protecting the character and vibrancy of the town; 
  • Easing congestion and making the town centre more 'people friendly'.

The Planning Controls that have been discussed at previous workshops include; zoning, building heights, design excellence and parking.