Byron Bay Town Centre Planning Controls

To deliver the vision and initiatives of the Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan, changes to our planning controls in the town centre are required.

In June 2018, a series of workshops were held. We heard great ideas and suggestions that formed the starting point for us to review how the planning controls should be amended. This included:

  • Zoning
  • Building heights
  • Design excellence
  • Parking. 

Planning proposals 

Planning proposals to amend our Byron Local Environmental Plan LEP 2014 have been progressing to enable the changes.

The first planning proposal to make changes about how parts of the rail corridor can be used, was finalised in September 2019.

The planning proposal includes development standards around:

  • Design excellence
  • Height
  • Activation of commercial frontages
  • Mixed use development. 

Alongside the planning proposal, we have prepared a new Chapter E10 of our Development Control Plan 2014 (DCP) to outline detailed planning controls.

Where are we now?

Following initial public consultation in November 2019, some changes were made to the planning proposal, including: 

  • keeping floor space ratio 
  • design excellence provisions
  • more DCP controls about roofs, sustainability, heritage and green infrastructure
  • minor changes to height allowance mapping. 

The second round of consultation on the Byron Bay town centre planning controls was open from 1 to 28 March 2021.

At 13 May 2021 Council planning meeting, Council considered the community feedback and adopted the new DCP Chapter E10 which will come into effect once the planning proposal is finalised, in the coming months.

View the 13 May 2021 Council meeting report including the planning proposal for progression, the adopted DCP and Council's decision.

The planning proposal and new DCP 2014 Chapter E10 controls include:

  • introduction of a design excellence  panel to ensure new buildings are designed well and incorporate sustainable principles
  • the introduction of a building height allowance map to account for flood levels
  • active street frontages ensuring bottom floor development is inviting to pedestrians and integrates into the streetscape
  • promoting mixed use development, while maintaining the small town village feel of the town centre
  • in the DCP, addressing the number of storeys compatible with the character of the town centre and minimum floor to ceiling heights specific to permissible uses. 

These controls will enable the following initiatives of the Masterplan:

  • facilitating well designed development of appropriate height and scale, in line with community vision
  • defining the edges of the town centre 'business zone'
  • protecting the character and vibrancy of the town
  • easing congestion and making the town centre more 'people friendly, promoting people over cars'.  

This finalised amendment to our LEP 2014 will allow additional land uses that will be permitted with and without consent on specific land within the Byron Bay Rail Corridor and at the Lawson Street South Car Park, to facilitate community use of the rail corridor and implement landscape plans. Development such as community facilities, information and education facilities and existing markets, would be permitted with development consent.