Lot 22 Mullumbimby - Future housing

Lot 22 (DP 1073165) Stuart Street, Mullumbimby is a Council owned lot, on the south-western edge of Mullumbimby.

In 2017 Council proposed to rezone and reclassify part of Lot 22 as a potential pilot site for affordable and diverse housing, ahead of the Residential Strategy.

A planning proposal was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE). This proposal was not supported by the DPIE.

Following a peer review in mid-2021, DPIE advised Council in December 2021 that the planning proposal would need to address a list of matters before resubmitting.

View the peer review of the planning proposal(PDF, 6MB)

Impact of flood events

Lot 22 was then affected by the 2022 flood.

Whilst flooding and stormwater drainage have always been key issues to resolve for the site, the flood events meant a review of Lot 22’s long term suitably for residential use was needed.

At the June 2022 Planning meeting Council considered a report on the status of Lot 22. 

Council's decision was to not progress the planning proposal for Lot 22 at this time until the impacts of the 2022 Flood Events and other potential natural disasters are understood. 

View the 9 June 2022 Lot 22 update report