Footpath Dining

If you want to use the footpath or other public place outside your food business to seat and serve food or drinks to your customers, you'll need to apply for approval. 

To make an application, follow the instructions below.

How to apply?

Step 1.Read the Footpath Dining Guidelines

The Footpath Dining Guidelines(PDF, 607KB) will help you prepare your application.

Step 2.Complete the online form and submit the following:

  1. A site plan.
  2. Photographs of the outdoor area and any proposed furniture.
  3. Certificate of Currency of appropriate public liability insurance. At least $20 million coverage that extends to all proposed footpath activity.
  4. Consent from the property owner of the business. 
  5. A copy of your current Liquor Licence which extends to the footpath, if applicable.
  6. Other documentation as required.

Footpath Dining Application Form

Step 3.Pay the application fees

Once we are satisfied with your application, we will email an invoice for payment of application fees.

Things to note

  1. Public liability insurance must be kept current throughout the life of the approval.
  2. Permits are not transferable. You will need to submit a new application if there is a Change of Licensee and/or Trading Name.