Public exhibition Amended Villa World proposal for West Byron

On display until 30 September 2020, 04:00 PM

As part of the Land and Environment Court Appeal (Case No. 2019/00310612) in relation to Development Application (DA) 10.2017.201.1, the applicant has submitted amended plans.

The amended plans may be viewed on Council's website using DA Tracker, or at Council’s Customer Service Centre using the electronic customer kiosk during normal office hours.

DA No:


Northern Regional Planning Panel No:


Property Address:

342, 364, 394 Ewingsdale Road BYRON BAY, 
22A and 22B Melaleuca Drive BYRON BAY

Property Legal Description:


LOT: 1 DP: 542178, LOT: 227 DP: 755695, LOT: 9 DP: 111821, LOT: 1 DP: 1166535, LOT: 229 DP: 755695, LOT: 2 DP: 542178, LOT: 1 DP: 520063, LOT: 7020 DP: 1113431, LOT 5 DP 1222674, LOT 6 DP 1222674


Villa World Byron Pty Ltd

Description of development proposed by amended plans:

Amended Proposal: Subdivision of Six (6) Lots into One Hundred and Forty Nine (149) Lots consisting of One Hundred and Forty Five (145) Residential Lots, Four (4) Large Residential Lots and dedication of residual land to Council for Public or Drainage Reserves.


Key elements of the proposed subdivision

  • The subdivision will be carried out in seven (7) stages;
  • Construction of internal roads;
  • Provision of essential services including water, stormwater, sewer, power and telephone;
  • Upgrading and embellishment of the drainage channel within the site (Lot 7020 DP 1113431);
  • Works on land shown on the Acid Sulfate Soils Map;
  • Earthworks across the subject site including approximately 7,000 cubic metres of cut and the importation of approximately 215,000 cubic metres of fill; and
  • Removal of approximately 2.9 hectares of native vegetation and environmental restoration works, habitat reconstruction and offset planting.

The amended application will be on exhibition for a period of three weeks from 10 September 2020 to 30 September 2020.

Council is interested to hear your view on the amended plans. Submissions should be made to Byron Shire Council, but will be provided to the Land & Environment Court and Joint Regional Planning Panel (as the consent authority in this matter) and may be viewed by other persons with an interest in the application.

For further information on making a submission please refer to Make a submission on a DA.

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Council’s preferred option to receive submissions is via the online form.