Open for feedback Dwelling entitlement proposal Skinners Shoot

On display until 15 March 2021, 04:30 PM

The planning proposal intends to amend Byron Local Environmental Plan LEP 2014 to obtain a dwelling entitlement for Lot 6 DP 8385 – 83 Yagers Lane, Skinners Shoot.

Specifically, the planning proposal intends to amend Schedule 1 of LEP 2014 so that a dwelling house is permitted with consent on the lot. The site contains an existing unauthorised dwelling house. 

In association with the Planning Proposal, a Planning Agreement has also been submitted.  The purpose of the planning agreement is for the developer to pay Council Section 7.11 contributions for the creation of a dwelling entitlement.

Your feedback is important to us

The Planning Proposal and Planning Agreement are on exhibition for a period of 28 days, until 15 March 2021.

To view the documents and to make a submission, visit our planning proposals in progress 83 Yagers Lane web page.

The planning agreement is on exhibition pursuant to section 7.5(1) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The Minister for Planning and Environment has authorised Council to exercise delegation to make this LEP amendment.