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Democracy, differently

This is your chance to be part of our new Citizen Lottery. Take two minutes now to register.

Following on from Council’s work with deliberative democracy and citizen juries (called Community Solutions Panels) in 2018 and 2019, we have established a Citizen Lottery process. Everyone is invited to be part of it – in fact the more people that sign up the better.

Everyone who registers has the chance to be randomly selected to participate, get involved and provide feedback on a range of topics and projects. This could include an invitation to larger panel-style consultation as well as focus groups or smaller surveys and everything in between.

Register on the Citizen Lottery

Registering will place you in the pool of participants in the Citizen Lottery, which will be used for random selection over the next two years.

Visit the Citizen Lottery page on our Your Say Byron Shire website to complete your registration online.  

Purpose of the Citizen's lottery process 

In 2019, Council undertook a deliberative democracy project called “The Byron Model” which sought to develop a new democratic ethos. A co-design process was developed to deliberate on the question:

“How do we want to make democratic decisions in Byron Shire that can be widely supported?”

Detailed information about the process and recommendations can be found on the Byron Model page.

The intention of this process, as identified by the Byron Model Panel this year, is to enable Council to hear the views of a broader cross-section of our community, including people who might not normally make their opinions known. 

How does it work?

All members of the Byron Shire community are invited to register in the Citizen Lottery. Council will use this register to randomly select participants for engagement purposes over the next two years. You will remain on the register for this period and may be randomly selected to be involved any one of Council's engagement programs.

Registering on the Citizen Lottery does not obligate you to any future participation.

If you are randomly selected to participate in a particular engagement activity or program, you will be notified and provided with further information prior to agreeing to participate. We will let you know what commitment is required, the timeframe, and any other information that might be relevant to your decision to be involved.

You can be involved in democracy, differently.

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