Adoption of Development Control Plan Chapters

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Public Notice of Council Decision  

Adoption of amendments to Byron Development Control Plan 2014 (DCP 2014)
and Development Control Plan 2010 (DCP 2010)

At 15 August 2019 Council Planning meeting it was resolved to adopt amendments to Byron DCP 2014 and DCP 2010.  Amendments were made regarding: 

1.    Public Art chapters to:

  • strengthen the public art contribution from certain developments
  • define public art and murals
  • articulate pathways for the provisions of public art. 

The amended chapters are:

  • DCP 2014 Part A Preliminary
  • DCP 2014 Chapter D8 – Public Art
  • DCP 2010 Chapter 1 Part E – Public Art
  • DCP 2010 Chapter 17 - Public Exhibition and Notification of Development Applications
  • DCP 2010 Chapter 1 Part A General 

2.    minor in nature amendments that sought to address anomalies and inconsistencies when assessing development applications. 

The amended Byron DCP 2014 chapters are: 

  • B3 Services
  • B4 Traffic Planning, Vehicle Parking, Circulation and Access
  • B9 Landscaping
  • B14 Excavation and Fill
  • D1 Residential Accommodation in Urban, Village & Special Purpose Zones
  • D2 Residential Accommodation and Ancillary Development in Rural Zones
  • D3 Tourist Accommodation
  • D6 Subdivision
  • E5 Certain Locations in Byron Bay and Ewingsdale and E8 West Byron Urban Release Area amended only to change the term high conservation value to high environmental value in keeping with legislation. 

This notice is given pursuant to Clause 21 & 21A of the Environmental Planning Assessment Regulations 2000. 

The DCP Chapters will be effective from 11 September 2019 and can be found on our Development Control Plan webpage