Fraud and Corruption Control Policy

Byron Shire Council recognises that fraud and corruption prevention and control are integral components of good governance and risk management and should feature predominantly within our systems.

We are committed to a high standard of ethical and accountable conduct and will support and protect the reporting of wrongdoing.

Council’s Fraud and Corruption Control Policy outlines our stance on fraud and corruption and forms part of Council’s overall approach to transparent corporate governance.

We are committed to:

  • A zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption
  • Fraud and corruption control management as an integral component of effective corporate governance
  • Maintaining effective fraud and corruption prevention and detection functions
  • Investigating all suspected incidents of fraud and corruption and taking appropriate action.

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994  sets in place a system to encourage public officials to report serious wrongdoing. Staff members can make disclosures to Council (via their Manager or the Public Interest Disclosure Coordinator) and the Ombudsman about improper conduct and detrimental action in relation to the activities and functions of Council. This is encouraged where any person wishes to access the protections afforded by the Act. 

Members of the public can, and are encouraged to, report serious wrongdoing to the General Manager or the external agencies below: