Help us improve our website

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We’ve been working on plans to improve our website. 

We want to help website visitors find what they are looking for quickly without getting frustrated. 

Following lots of data analysis and user testing we have now launched our new website structure!

What’s changing?

The biggest change you will notice is the new main menu headings:

  • Council – all Council related business including leadership info, Council meetings, Report it and request tasks, a site wide Plans & Strategies library and forms library.
  • Residential Services – will feature a My property section, plus information about Parking & Streets, Waste & Recycling, Water & Sewer, Pets and My Community.
  • Recreation & Culture – dedicated to the destinations and activities in the Shire.
  • Environment & Resilience – dedicated to projects and services that protect and manage the natural environment, plus emergency management info.
  • Development & Business – dedicated to our development, building, construction, zoning information. Resources for local businesses whether they are existing or starting out.

Feedback on the website

If you have any comments or feedback about the website or new structure, please let us know using the below form.

  • Lots of data analysis including website statistics, customer service data, community survey results.
  • User research. 
  • User testing.

The result of this process will include:

  • A plan for how we prioritise web content.
  • Development of a new structure for our site.
  • A plan for our existing content.

Website structure is often referred to as Information Architecture or IA. 

The purpose of IA is to help all website users understand where they are, what they’ve found, what’s around, and what to expect.

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