Have your say on the plan to replace Bangalow street trees

Submissions closed on 14 July 2024.

Leopard trees and palms in Byron Street.

This consultation has closed.

Staff are reviewing submissions and a report is being prepared for the consideration of Councillors.

We are asking Bangalow residents and businesses for your feedback on a plan to replace nine trees, over approximately five years, in Byron Street and Station Street, Bangalow. 

The Bangalow Street Tree Succession Plan proposes the staged removal and replacement of seven trees and two palms.

Take a look at the Plan and provide your feedback using the online survey. 

What trees are being replaced?

The Plan identifies the following tree to be replaced: 

  • Five mature Leopard Trees on Byron Street
  • Two Bangalow Palms on the southern side of Byron Street 
  • Two Liquidambar trees on the eastern side of Station Street. 

These trees were planted in the mid-1990s after the Bangalow bypass opened.

Why do the trees need to be replaced?

Due to vigorous root systems, the trees are creating trip hazards on the footpath and undermining the foundations of adjacent historic buildings. 

The Bangalow palms create problems for pedestrians, dropping fronds and hard, round seeds. 

What replacement trees are being proposed?

The replacement trees are:

  • Weeping Lilli Pilli – Byron Street
  • Ivory Curl - Station Street. 

How to have your say

Feedback closed 14 July.

Read the Succession Plan for Trees in Bangalow Village Landscape(PDF, 949KB) 

Next steps

Staff will review the public submissions and prepare a report for the consideration of Council.

It's expected the report will be in the agenda for the Ordinary meeting on 15 August 2024.

What is a Succession Plan?

The Succession Plan proposes to remove and replace the trees in stages. 

  1. Removing the palms and two smaller Leopard trees between the fire station and Station Street.
  2. Replacing them with semi-advanced natives in special root containment pits.
  3. When these trees are at awning level remove and replace three remaining trees on Byron Street and the Liquidambar trees in Station Street
  4. Suggested replacement trees are native weeping Lili pili and Ivory Curl.

Our preferred option is to begin by removing those between Fire Station Park and Station St. 

New, semi-advanced native trees will be planted in dedicated root containment pits before new pavement is laid using style recommended in the recently adopted Design Guide. 

When these new trees are well established, and roughly the height of shop awnings, replacement of the trees at the top end of Byron Street and at Station Street will occur. 


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