Work starting on Grays Lane at Tyagarah

Published on 14 October 2021


There will be minor delays for people going to the beach at Tyagarah for the next couple of months with Council preparing to start work on the upgrading of Grays Lane.

Funded by grants from the Australian Government, the NSW Government’s Fixing Local Roads program, and Byron Shire Council, the $1million project is expected to be well received by residents.

The upgrade will include the sealing of approximately 920m of Grays Lane from the Pacific Motorway, replacing the gravel road which is very susceptible to flooding.

Cesar Giraldo, the project engineer, said not only will the road now be sealed, but it will be raised to reduce the impact of flooding on people using the road.

“In technical terms we call this increasing flood immunity but what we really mean is building the road up so that residents do not find themselves driving through nuisance flood water,” Mr Giraldo said.

“Obviously the road will still flood in times of heavy rainfall but not to the extent it does now.

“Grays Lane is one of our problem roads and is badly affected by potholes and dust which is not good for locals, visitors or the environment.

Council will also be installing a new wildlife sign that is activated by vehicle movement which is illuminated by flashing lights.

“We know Grays Lane is a wildlife corridor with koalas regularly sighted so the intention of the new signage is to remind drivers to slow down.

“We will be painting a section of the road green as a reminder to watch out for animals on the road,” Mr Giraldo said.

Work is scheduled to start on 25 October but this depends on the weather.  It will take approximately two months to finish.

There will be minor delays of up to five minutes for the duration of the project.

More information about the Grays Lane upgrade is on Council’s website.

For media enquiries contact Annie Lewis, Media and Communications Coordinator, on 02 6626 7320.

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