Use common sense & avoid waterways

Published on 13 February 2020


With the recent rain Byron Shire Council is reminding residents and tourists to use common sense and avoid contact with stormwater drains, local rivers and waterways. 

The torrential rainfall that has occurred throughout the Shire presents greater risks of pollutants being present in waterways, especially after very dry periods of weather.

Phil Warner, Acting Director Infrastructure Services said people should be mindful that stormwater is not treated water and err on the side of caution before entering local rivers or waterways. 

"Think twice before surfing in front of stormwater drains, swimming in rivers or playing in flood water straight after heavy rainfall as this can increase risk to your health. 

“There’s been no rainfall for a long period of time. Debris that has accumulated from animals, farmlands and urban areas can end up washed into the stormwater system.

"Infrastructure, such as sewage treatment plants are also placed under severe pressure from excess stormwater, and small effluent overflows into nearby waterways can occur in extreme situations.

“Council is advising people to refrain from swimming in front of the stormwater outlets at Clarkes and Broken Head beaches, the Belongil Creek and Brunswick River, and all other local waterways this week as a precaution,” Mr Warner said.

Staff will continue to test and monitor stormwater and sewer discharge to ensure it meets NSW guidelines, as well as ensuring waterways are safe for swimming.

For media enquiries contact Annie Lewis, Media and Communications Coordinator, 6626 7320.


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