Update on repair of Byron Shire’s flood damaged infrastructure

Published on 22 May 2023


Byron Shire Council has recorded damage to over 600 pieces of infrastructure including roads, bridges, causeways and guardrails, as a result of the 2022 floods - and is submitting 42 separate funding applications to the State and Federal Governments via Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to cover repair and reconstruction costs in the realm of $200 million.

“We are in the same boat as all the other flood-affected Councils in our region, waiting for news on the status of a number of our funding applications lodged to-date, to repair the damage done by the floods last year,” Council’s Director Infrastructure Services, Phil Holloway said.

“And, we are competing with our neighbouring councils and all the other councils in NSW that had infrastructure damaged by the floods last year for this funding,” Mr Holloway said.

“This is a very rigorous process and extremely time-consuming because not only do we prepare the case for flood damage and subsequent funding, but TfNSW staff need to check every single detail of each claim,” Mr Holloway said.

“While more than 600 pieces of infrastructure have been damaged, as part of our funding applications, we have where possible, packaged together things like roads in a certain area, causeways in close proximity for instance, right down to replacement of guardrails and smaller assets that were damaged but are still important and have been included in our applications. 

TfNSW’s original application approval deadline of 30 June was last week moved to 31 December 2023.

“Despite the deadline being moved, our strong position means all our applications will be made by 30 June - the original cut-off date. We have more than 50 percent of our applications lodged for funding approval and tracking through the TfNSW process, and the preparation of the remaining applications are well advanced,” Mr Holloway said.

“We are hoping for a smooth and quick approvals process now via Transport for NSW because we are very keen and ready to get on with the job of delivering these reconstruction works as soon as possible – it’s what our community expects and it’s what we’re pushing for,” Mr Holloway said.

At the same time, Council’s capital works teams are continuing to roll out general maintenance for roads and drainage – as per the Capital Works Program.

While Council is waiting for funding approval for the majority of damage claims, disaster funding has been approved for:

  • Federal Drive landslip and road reconstruction (work underway)
  • Englishes Bridge (completed)
  • Huonbrook Road drainage structures – (starting 2023).

Additional flood-impacted infrastructure projects that have been assessed by Council as being eligible for funding and which have been submitted to TfNSW  for funding approval include roads, bridges and causeways in the following areas:

  • Kennedys Lane, Cedarvale Road, Durrumbul Road, Riverside Drive, The Saddle Road, Jones Road and Huonbrook Road - gravel road re-sheeting.
  • Upper Wilsons Creek roads. 
  • Huonbrook Road major landslip.
  • Coopers Lane and Coopers Creek Road.
  • Beatties Creek Road and Johnsons Road causeways.
  • Coopers Shoot and Picadilly Hill Roads.
  • Robinsons Lane Road and causeways.
  • Bridge and guardrail replacement program for Booyong, Donaghys, Jubilee Avenue, Keys, Palmwoods, Pioneer, Repentance Creek and O’Mearas bridges.
  • Mullumbimby drainage structures.
  • The Pocket Road.
  • Main Arm Causeways  8, 11, 13, 14 and 15 and the Culvert between 15 and Dry Creek Road.
  • Palmwoods Road causeways 1, 2 and 3.
  • Main Arm Road, approx. 3.22km of road pavement at various locations including from Dry Creek Rd to Upper Main Arm Causeway #2.
  • Wilsons Creek Road
  • Left Bank Road.
  • Landslips at various locations including Johnsons Rd, Huonbrook Rd, Goonengerry Rd and Possum Shoot Rd.
  • Wanganui Road causeways 1, 2 and 3.

“Our focus is on repairing and improving the pieces of infrastructure that have suffered the most damage and have the most impact on their local communities.

“While 600 pieces of infrastructure is a lot, it doesn’t mean every single piece of road in the Shire is going to get an upgrade and we want to manage people’s expectations around that.  This is just the start of the continuous process of assessing our roads and getting them on our list to be programmed for repairs and upgrades,” Mr Holloway said.

For more information go to Council’s website

For media enquiries contact Council’s Media and Communications Team on 02 6626 7320.

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