Reminder to take extra care when parking in school zones

Published on 11 February 2019

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Now that school is back, Council is urging motorists to slow down in school zones, use the designated school parking areas and help keep our kids safe. 

“Parking incorrectly in a school zone can put children’s lives at risk,” Council’s Director Sustainability, Environment and Economy, Shannon Burt said.

“If you’re not parked in a designated area, or you’re double parked in a bus zone for instance, these actions can change the way the children move around and can lead to serious accidents,” Ms Burt said.

“Parking regulations and signs around schools are designed specifically with children’s safety in mind.

“So the message is to please park safely, even if it means having to walk a bit further to the school gate,” she said.

Council’s parking officers will be active in school zones throughout the year, promoting safety awareness, issuing warnings and ultimately fines for those doing the wrong thing.

“If you’ve disregarded the signs and regulations and are parked incorrectly, the reality is that you could end up with a $448 fine and 2 demerit points lost,” Ms Burt said.

Important school zone safety reminders

- Never double park – it puts children at risk
- Don’t park in bus zones
- Slow down near school crossings
- At a supervised crossing, observe the directions of the school crossing supervisor.

School Zone Penalties

- Stop in a bus zone (within school zone) - $337 and 2 demerit points
- Stop in a bus zone (not clearway or transit/bus lane) - $263 – no demerit points
- Double park in school zone - $330 and 2 demerit points 
- Stop on/near children’s crossing (in school zone) - $337 and 2 demerit points
- Disobey no stopping sign (in school zone) - $337 and 2 demerit points
- Disobey no parking sign (in school zone) - $187 and 2 demerit points.

For more information contact Council’s Parking Enforcement Supervisor, Tony Lucas, on 6626 7000.



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