Old x-rays at home? We can recycle them!

Published on 31 July 2020


In many homes in the Byron Shire, at the bottom of a drawer or box, there will be old x-rays – a reminder of a broken arm or dodgy knee.

These x-rays often end up in landfill but they can now be dropped off for recycling at Council’s Resource Recovery Centre at Myocum.

Danielle Hanigan, Team Leader Resource Recovery and Quarry, said recycling x-rays is ‘xtra good for the environment.

“Many people don’t know that you can recycle old x-rays which contain silver that is taken out during the recycling process and used to make more x-ray film or even jewellery and the residue is then put into asphalt,” Ms Hanigan said.

The Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association, in January 2019, estimated that four in 10 Australians are referred for x-rays and scans each year.

“There are millions of x-rays in NSW and people tend to hang on to them long after the broken bone has healed and then they throw them in their landfill wheelie bin not realising they can be recycled,” Mr Hanigan said.

“We are fortunate to be part of this free program, which is being run across the region, with processing occurring in Australia,” she said.

It’s free to dispose of the x-rays at the Byron Resource Recovery Centre at Myocum. For information on operating hours go to www.byron.nsw.gov.au/Services/Waste-recycling/Byron-Resource-Recovery-Centre.                                                                                             

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