Flood Recovery Update - Friday 8 April

Published on 08 April 2022


The break in the weather this week has given our engineers and crews a chance to make good headway on repairs to infrastructure for our hinterland communities. 

Williams Bridge at Main Arm, which was severely damaged in last week’s weather event, is being transformed and should be fully operational again by Easter. See our more detailed roads update below for Main Arm, Upper Wilsons Creek, Huonbrook and surrounding communities. 

The landslip on Federal Drive is still moving and a cause for concern and Council is warning people to stay away from this area while we work on plans to get it stabilised. It’s a difficult job that may take some time to repair. 

Temporary repairs to Englishes Bridge at Coopers Creek are finished and it’s open to traffic in both directions.  Congratulations to staff and contractors for their hard work to get this open again so quickly. 

In other good news today, Byron Shire Council has been awarded $1.08m for a drainage strategy for the Byron Bay town centre from the Australian Government. 

The million-dollar funding boost is the first step in a long-term project to solve many of the issues with the drainage system in Byron’s town centre. 

A reminder too that we’re still very keen to hear from any person, shire-wide, about the flood heights they observed at their property or business.  Please share your experience via the Tell us about flood heights at your property page 

Submissions are also open for the 2022 NSW Flood Inquiry until Friday 20 May.  Read more about this important investigation below and how you can contribute. 

Flood Inquiry – make a submission 

The 2022 NSW Flood inquiry will play a critical role in providing a forum for community voices to be heard.  

The Inquiry will report on: 

  • The causes of and factors contributing to the frequency, intensity, timing and location of floods; 
  • Preparation and planning by agencies and the community for floods in NSW; 
  • Responses to floods, particularly measures to protect life, property and the environment; 
  • The transition from incident response to recovery; 
  • Recovery, including housing, clean-up, financial support, community engagement and longer-term community rebuilding. 

The Inquiry will consult directly with affected communities.   

The deadline for submissions is 20 May 2022.  

Details of public consultation will be published on the NSW Government's Flood Inquiry webpage.  

Public submissions can be made via: 

For more information go to the NSW Government's Flood Inquiry webpage

Roads update 

Huonbrook, Upper Wilsons Creek, Wanganui  

Some welcome news for our hinterland communities – we've managed to clear the Wanganui landslips so they are safe for vehicle access.   

Work on soil stabilisation at Huonbrook slip 1 is ongoing and we expect to complete above the first residence by Thursday 14 April. 

Major debris has been removed from this site – a big job - and we will need to move more next week. 

The load limit on the road remains at 10 tonnes. 

Main Arm and Upper Wilsons Creek 

Repairs on Williams Bridge are progressing well and we’re still aiming to have it open for Easter, subject to contractor availability.  

Crews have 4x4 access restored to Upper Main Arm.  

Crews are re-establishing 2WD access along Upper Main Arm Road. 

Contractors are working from causeway 1 to the back of Upper Wilsons Creek Valley focusing on causeways and road foundations. 

Coopers Creek  

Temporary fixes to Englishes Bridge were finished late yesterday and traffic access has been restored. 

A contractor will start improving 2WD access on Uppers Coopers Creek Road next week. 

Federal Drive  

The area around the landslip on Federal Drive is dynamic, is continuing to move and is unstable. The community should not be moving through the site.  

Rain predicted over the weekend could result in further deterioration. Please stay away. 

A specialist consultant visited the site this week to do a risk assessment which will help us prepare a safe design and construction protocol.   

We’re hoping to have a contractor ready to complete stabilisation works on the site as soon as possible. 

Flood clean-up 

Clean-up crews are working their way through Upper Main Arm and are hoping to soon be able to have access all the way up to remove flood waste that has been there since the initial flood (28 February). 

Our crews hope to do the same at Upper Left Bank Road and Upper Wilsons Creek as we continue to gain access in those areas. 

For more information visit Flood clean up and waste 

Book your free flood waste drop off 

Our kerbside flood-waste collection finished today. 

If you have flood damaged items you can take them to the Byron Resource Recovery Centre. Be sure to call ahead to make a booking 1300 652 625

If you live in a rural area that has been cut-off, or if there have been problems with access and we have not been able to collect your waste – don't worry – we’re still collecting!  Skip bins in rural areas are still being emptied. 

Byron Resource Recovery Centre Easter weekend closure 

If you need help with flood waste get in touch with us early next week as the Byron Resource Recovery Centre will be CLOSED over the Easter weekend (Friday 15 April – Monday 18 April). 

Flood Recovery Centre 

Flood Recovery Centre at the Mullumbimby Civic Hall 

  • Monday to Friday - 9am to 4:30pm 
  • Saturday – 9am to 2:00pm 
  • Sunday closed. 

The Flood Recovery Centre will be closed for the duration of the Easter weekend from Friday 15 April to Monday 18 April. 

Mobile Recovery Access Points 

Mobile Recovery Access Points with staff and information relating to flood recovery will be operational next week at South Golden Beach and Billinudgel. 

  • South Golden Beach Community Hall, Tuesday 12 April, 12pm to 4pm 
  • Billinudgel Hotel, Thursday 14 April, 12pm to 4pm 

Wilsons Creek and Upper Main Arm - Resilience NSW is working on establishing a Recovery Access Point at Wilsons Creek and Upper Main Arm but unfortunately vehicle access is not guaranteed at the moment.  We will bring you more information as soon as we know more. 

NEW Register for the flood recovery Property Assessment and Demolition (PAD) program 

If your residential or commercial property was impacted by the February and March 2022 floods, you can register with Service NSW to have a property building condition assessment carried out by certified inspectors. 

If the assessment finds the property to be unsafe or beyond economical repair, you can choose to have demolition and removal of waste services undertaken at no cost. 

If your property can be repaired, you’ll be provided with a scope of repair works.  

Register for the flood recovery Property Assessment and Demolition (PAD) program

Business survey 

Was your business damaged or impacted by the floods? 

We’d like to hear about your experience. Please take our survey so that we can have a better understanding of the impacts and how Council can best assist you.

Byron Shire Mayoral Flood Recovery Appeal  

We have launched the Byron Shire Mayoral Flood Recovery Appeal with the aim of raising money to support organisations that are helping residents and businesses recover from the floods. 

Initially the fund will focus on allocating money to: 

  • The Mullumbimby District Neighbourhood Centre and the Byron Community Centre to help with the purchase of community buses. 
  • Improving telecommunications for communities in isolated areas by buying equipment to connect these communities in emergencies. 

People can make donations via a bank account managed by Council. 

Donations are not tax-deductible. 

People can donate at: 

  • Account name: Byron Shire Natural Disaster Appeal Fund 
  • BSB: 062 578 
  • Account number: 10362795  

Information about the fund and how to donate are on our Flood support, donations and funding page on Council’s website. 

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