Extra bin collections in store for Christmas

Published on 07 December 2018

Council worker in front of bins

Council will be providing extra urban and rural residential bin collections over the Christmas period from Monday 24 December to Friday 4 January 2019 to help residents manage extra waste and recycling during the festive season.

During this time, residents can place all of their bins at the kerbside on their normal collection day. This includes red, yellow and green bins for urban residential households, and red and yellow bins for rural residential households.

“This is the second year we have provided extra bin collections. In the first year we successfully trialled extra services in urban areas and in response to community feedback we will be extending extra services to include rural service areas this year,” Council’s Resource & Recovery Education Officer, Lucy Wilson said.

“While we should be doing our best to reduce our waste over the festive season, the reality is that many of us generate a lot more over this period, which is why Council will be assisting everyone to manage increased food waste, higher rates of plastic, paper and cardboard.

“A peak in empty bottles and glass creates the need for more recycling and that’s why we’ll be collecting all bins each week for the two weeks over Christmas.

“We also want to avoid overflowing rubbish, reduce litter and unnecessary transportation of waste and recycling to and from Myocum when we can collect it at the kerbside,” she said.

Byron Shire Christmas bin collection tips from Tuesday 25 December to Friday 4 January include:

• Bin collections will go ahead even if the collection day falls on a public holiday.

• To ensure your bins are collected, please place all three at the kerbside the night before your normal collection day and leave them there until they are emptied. If your bins are not out, we cannot send the truck back a second time.

• Where there is space, place your three bins side-by-side at the kerbside.

• If there is not enough room for all three bins to sit side-by-side, place the red landfill bin at the front and recycling and organics bins at least one metre behind it.

• Park your cars in driveways and garages if possible to give collection trucks more room.

• Take your bins in ASAP after they have been emptied.

• Please be patient with our drivers as collection times may be earlier/later than usual.

Council is also reminding all residents to follow the six key Recycle Right routines when using your yellow recycling bin:

1. Keep it simple - only recycle hard plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, steel and aluminium cans, paper and cardboard.

2. Keep out soft plastics - including ALL plastic bags, even if they have a recycling symbol, are degradable or compostable, and other soft plastics such as plastic film, chip packets, bread bags and biscuit trays.

3. Keep out small items - anything smaller than a credit card.  All lids must now be removed from bottles and those smaller than a credit card placed in the red lid bin.

4. Keep it safe - no strapping, hose, netting, wires, building materials, broken glass, chemicals and other hazardous materials that can harm the MRF workers or damage the machines.

5. Keep it clean - rinse or wipe any excess food and drink from all bottles, containers and tins before placing them in your recycling bin. Keep out food scraps, nappies and soiled paper.

6. Keep it loose - put each item into your yellow lid bin separately, don't bag, box or contain your recyclable items.

For more information visit Council’s website or call Council’s Resource & Recovery Education Officer  Lucy Wilson on (02) 6626 7077.