Detailed vision sought on proposed redevelopment of South Byron STP

Published on 15 March 2019

Council’s proposed redevelopment of the former South Byron Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) site at 1 Broken Head Road in Byron Bay took a step forward this week with Council inviting a shortlist of four proponents to participate in a selective Request for Tender (RFT) for the site. 

“The initial Expressions of Interest process held by Council last March produced a diverse range of options to give this site a new lease of life in a way that delivers positive outcomes for the community.  Now that Council has narrowed the list down to four proponents, it is seeking to find out more about each concept presented via a selective Request for Tender process,” Council’s General Manager, Mark Arnold, said.

“At the conclusion of the selective tender process, it is hoped we will have a detailed vision for the future use of this site that Council can then share with the community,” he said.

Given the strategic location of the 7.76 hectare site at the southern entrance to Byron Bay, it has the potential to host a landmark development that will be a catalyst to stimulate social, community and environmental benefits in particular, but also beneficial long-term economic outcomes for Council and ratepayers.

“Via a long-term lease, we have an opportunity to retain this site as an asset for the ongoing benefit of the community, rather than selling off what is a valuable piece of operational Council land to the highest bidder,” Mr Arnold said.

“One of Council’s key requirements is for retention of the public access way connecting the community to the beach from Broken Head Road. The provision of public open space for community and environmental benefit is also required as a key element of all proposals,” he said.

“Another positive is that our remediation plan avoids any impact or changes to the two sewage treatment ponds at the eastern end of the site that are valued by the community as bird habitat. The safety fencing will remain in place as usual as the effluent ponds are not safe for swimming.”

Council’s adopted EoI Vision statement for 1 Broken Head Road (former South Byron STP site), including aims and objectives, council requirements and anticipated development statements can be viewed in full on Council’s website.

Further details about this proposal are available on Council’s website.

For further information contact Council’s Manager Assets & Major Projects, Phil Warner on 6626 7000.




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