Council emBARKing on a new approach to managing dogs in public spaces

Published on 06 July 2018

Group of dog friendly beach goers

Byron Shire Council is developing a  Dogs in Public Spaces Strategy in response to feedback gathered through our Community Strategic Plan engagement consultation.

“People and dogs can co-exist in our community, but only through proactive and responsible dog ownership,” Director of Sustainable Environment and Economy Shannon Burt said.

“The issue of dogs in public spaces is an area of key interest for our community.

“From requests for more off leash exercise areas, to concerns raised for action on noisy and uncontrolled dogs – it is clear our community wants a balanced approach,” Ms Burt said.

Ms Burt said the strategy will involve a comprehensive review of our off leash exercise areas, as well as a proactive education arm.

The group of dog friendly campaigners

Byron Shire Council’s Enforcement Officers will be searching for our Shire’s most responsible dog owners throughout the month of July.

“It’s as simple as taking your lead when you go to the beach with your dogs and importantly picking up whatever they leave behind!” Byron Shire Council’s Animal Enforcement Officer Mal Hamilton said.­­

“We’ll be handing out raffle tickets, and we encourage the community to ‘dob’ in good dog and owner behaviour they see in our public spaces,” Mr Hamilton said.

There are currently eight off leash exercise beaches in Byron Shire.

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