Cr. Asren Pugh


Asren Pugh was elected in December 2021.

Asren Pugh Councillor

I have worked for social and environmental change my whole life and want to give back to my community. I'm currently finishing my Executive MBA. I currently live in the beautiful Bangalow with my family.  

I grew up in Baywood Chase (Suffolk Park) and went to Byron High in the 90s. I have seen massive changes to our community over the years, not least being the housing affordability crisis that is seeing many long time locals have to leave the area. I know the importance of good jobs and good pay that means young people and our essential workers can continue to afford to live here.  

Council needs a stronger and more respectful relationship with the Arakwal people that acknowledges their sovereignty of this country and supports them to live, work, practice and celebrate culture, and care for the land.  

Our natural environment is what makes our region precious and needs to be protected. This starts with climate change, combating it but also preparing for its impacts.  

We need a shire that reduces our reliance on cars, that has regular, accessible public transport and proper infrastructure that makes walking and riding a viable option to get around and between our villages.  

Our council needs to be better at the boring stuff, at processing requests and responding to the community. At getting our fair share of infrastructure and roads funding from the state and federal governments. It needs to be easier to follow the rules, but council also needs to be better at applying them fairly and consistently. Council services are important to people's everyday lives and getting the basics right should be our first priority.  

We are lucky to live in the most beautiful part of the world, but we risk losing what makes it special if we don’t take some hard decisions.