Cr. Alan Hunter


Cr Hunter was elected in December 2021.


Alan Hunter has spent almost all his life on the land farming sheep, cattle and crops of various sorts including wheat, cotton, chickpeas, lentils and many others.

Alan was appointed the inaugural chairman of the national peek industry governing body, Pulse Australia to lead, coordinate and plan for the legume group of crops known as pulses serving a term of 6 years.

Before retiring to his farm at Myocum where he lives with wife Pauline and their 2 daughters and their families nearby, they spent most of their working life farming in northern NSW at Moree.

Since then he’s been active on the farm with their cattle, improving the native pasture and their conservation area with his family and grandchildren.

He first stood for Council election in 2012 which put him on council almost 10 years ago where he has almost exclusively represented the business and working families of the shire.

His concentration on Council’s finances and the need for a common sense approach to good governance in the management of council business, he is passionate about improving the operations of council to make the processes more user friendly.