Repairs to flood damaged roads, bridges and causeways

We've assessed over 600 pieces of infrastructure that were damaged by the February 2022 floods and need repairing or replacement. This includes:

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Causeways
  • Guardrails.

The cost of repair and reconstruction works is around $200 million.

We've bundled the 600 pieces of infrastructure needing repair into 42 separate funding applications. These have been submitted to the State and Federal Governments. 

Flood projects that have received funding

The below pages provide information about some of the significant repairs currently underway where disaster funding has been approved.

Flood projects eligible for funding

The following projects are awaiting disaster funding approval:

  • Kennedys Lane, Cedarvale Road, Durrumbul Road, Riverside Drive, The Saddle Road, Jones Road and Huonbrook Road - gravel road re-sheeting.
  • Upper Wilsons Creek roads. 
  • Huonbrook Road major landslip.
  • Coopers Lane and Coopers Creek Road.
  • Beatties Creek Road and Johnsons Road causeways.
  • Coopers Shoot and Picadilly Hill Roads.
  • Robinsons Lane Road and causeways.
  • Bridge and guardrail replacement program for Booyong, Donaghys, Jubilee Avenue, Keys, Palmwoods, Pioneer, Repentance Creek and O’Mearas bridges.
  • Mullumbimby drainage structures.
  • The Pocket Road.
  • Main Arm Causeways  8, 11, 13, 14 and 15 and Culvert. Between 15 and Dry Creek Road.
  • Palmwoods Road causeways 1, 2 and 3
  • Main Arm Road through Upper Main Arm to Upper Main Arm Causeway #2.
  • Wilsons Creek Road
  • Left Bank Road
  • Landslips at various locations including Johnsons Rd, Huonbrook Road, Goonengerry Road and Possum Shoot Road 
  • Wanganui Road causeways 1, 2 and 3

Significant repairs currently underway