1 Broken Head Road redevelopment project

The 1 Broken Head Road redevelopment project was paused after Council declined all tenders. The project will stay on hold while intensive remediation of the site continues.

About the project 

Council's vision for the future of 1 Broken Head Road is for the former South Byron Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to be used in a way that delivers the widest range of benefits back to to the community.

From March 2018 to December 2019 Council explored options for the future use of the old STP but this is on hold while intensive remediation of the site is  underway.

The remediation project will assess the contamination status of the two effluent ponds at the eastern end of the site. 

There is no public access to the effluent ponds and the area is fenced off.  The effluent ponds are not safe for swimming.

 Council's intention is to consider the future use of this site after remediation works are completed.

Background to remediation works

1 Broken Head Road, Byron Bay, is a 7.76 hectare Council-owned site that operated as the South Byron Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) from 1972 until it was decommissioned in 2005.  Prior to this, the site hosted night cart operations from 1909.

In March 2019, Council started a remediation project at this site which includes:

  • excavating and capping soils and contaminated material in a consolidated buffer zone (or berm)
  • planting a nature corridor on the site

The remediation project is expected to be finished by mid 2021.

1 Broken Head Road - site map