Address a Council meeting

1. COVID-19 Advice

In response to COVID-19, we have developed new ways to encourage public participation at Council meetings.

Members of the public who are not specifically addressing an item on the business paper will NOT be admitted to the council meeting.

Public access will be available in the following ways:

  • Members of the public participating in person will be invited into the meeting to address Council and then leave again once Councillors have asked any questions. They will not be able to return and listen to the debate.
  • Council meetings will be livestreamed and members of the public wishing to participate virtually will have an opportunity to connect to Council’s webinar platform.
  • Public access speeches can be provided in advance in writing or in video format. Written speeches will be read aloud by a member of staff.

Please complete the form below to participate via public access. 

More information about Council's response to COVID-19 is available on our website. 

2. Public Access

Public access relating to items on agendas is granted on the day of the meeting and will occur at the start of the meeting. Requests for public access should be made to the General Manager or the Mayor no later than 12 pm midday one day prior to the meeting. Requests for public access must be made using the form provided below.

People wanting to address an item on the agenda will be listed for public access in the same order the items appear on the agenda. People may request one speech each on an item on the Agenda. All requests must make it clear whether the participant is generally addressing Council in favour of, or against, the recommended action(s) in the report.

Should there be more than one participant addressing Council on the same item, participants will share the allocated five minutes for speeches in favour, and share the allocated five minutes for speeches against the recommended action(s) in the report.  For example, if two people are presenting in favour of Report 13.1,  each presenter will have 2.5 minutes for their speech.

The Mayor will ask presenters if they will accept questions from Councillors during their submission.

3. Accessibility features of the Council Chambers

Council Chambers has the following accessible features:

  • 2 on-site accessible parking spaces.
  • Hearing loop facilities.
  • Accessible amenities.

Approved Submissions(PDF, 17KB)