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Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports provide regular updates on Council's progress towards its Operational Plan.

Quarterly Reports 2020/21

Q2_Quarter Report - October to December 2020(PDF, 4MB)

Q1 Quarter Report - July to September 2020(PDF, 3MB)

Quarterly Reports 2019/20

Q4 Quarter Report - April to June 2020(PDF, 6MB)

Q3 Quarter Report - January to March 2020(PDF, 1MB)

Q2 Quarter Report - October to December 2019(PDF, 1MB)

Q1 Quarter Report - July to September 2019(PDF, 1MB)

Quarterly Reports 2018/19

Q4 Quarter Report - April to June 2019(PDF, 2MB)

Q3 Quarter Report January to March 2019(PDF, 2MB)

Q2 Quarter Report - October to December 2018(PDF, 2MB)

Q1 Quarter Report - July to September 2018(PDF, 1MB)  

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides information about Council's achievements in implementing the Delivery Program and the effectiveness of the principal activities undertaken in achieving the objectives in the Community Strategic Plan.

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Financial statements

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, Council must prepare financial reports for each year. The financial reports must be prepared and audited within a period of 4 months after the end of that financial year. Council’s Audited Financial Statements are publicly available.

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End of Term Report

Council's End of Term Report(PDF, 7MB) provides information on Council's progress in implementing the Community Strategic Plan over the previous four years. This report looks at what the results have been for the community and Council as a result of the activities undertaken.