Community engagement

Council’s approach to community engagement

Community engagement is a top priority for our community and for Council.

Our Community Engagement Policy outlines the ways in which Council will inform, seek input from and involve the community in Council planning and decision-making. 

Why engage?

Community engagement ensures that community members affected by a Council decision have a genuine opportunity to be informed of, and provide input into, the decision-making process.

We conduct engagement projects throughout the year on a wide range of issues, services and programs. Your feedback and ideas will help inform our planning and decision-making.

Who can participate?

All residents of the Byron Shire are welcome to participate. By having a say you can participate in shaping the decisions that impact you and your community.  We encourage you to use your knowledge and personal experience to help us develop solutions to the problems and issues that affect you.

How do we engage and consult?

Council’s community engagement can take many forms and might include everything from setting up a stall at a market to talk to residents about an issue, to hosting a series of design workshops about a new plan or posting a survey about park equipment online (via our dedicated engagement platform,

We do our best, within our resources, to find the most suitable ways to reach stakeholders and the general community to ask for their views.

Nearly all of our community engagement projects are listed on this website – so it’s an easy way to see which projects are open for comment and what Council has consulted residents about in the past.

Keeping you informed

Information is key to good decision making, and that’s why we provide multiple ways for people to find the information and details they need on any given Council-related topic.

In person - At our offices across Byron Shire, including Mullumbimby, Bayshore Dr, Byron Bay & Byron Visitors Centre.
Our website –
Our community engagement online platform –
Social media – Facebook and Instagram
E-News – join over 9000 residents who receive this fortnightly news update.  Subscribe via
Local media reports (or via media releases posted at our online media centre)
Report It

We also produce several publications which provide additional information for residents:

Annual Report (posted online in November each year)
Something to Talk About – magazine (bi-annually)
Rates Notice Brochure – (distributed with rates notice mid-year)

How do I become involved?

Getting involved is easy - Click on the buttons below to get started.

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