Committees and groups

1. Ordinary meetings

Council's ordinary meetings are attended by all Councillors and have delegated authority to determine matters.  These meetings adhere to Council’s Code of Meeting Practice Policy and related legislation.

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2. Special purpose committees

Council also has special purpose committees which meet on an as required basis. These committees adhere to Council’s Code of Meeting Practice Policy and related legislation.

Our special purpose committees are:

  • Planning Review Committee – Includes all Councillors and the General Manager or nominated delegate (any staff member to be a non-voting delegate). A quorum of three Councillors is required to meet.
  • Byron Shire Reserve Trust Agendas and Minutes - Includes all Councillors, and has delegated authority to determine matters.

3. Advisory committees and panels

We are developing a greater strategic planning capability focusing on broader areas than the traditional land planning issues falling within our jurisdiction.

These areas cover finance, asset management and systems integrity (Internal Audit), communications with Council residents and stakeholders, and the retention and development of creative industries, markets, and home-based businesses.

Advisory committees and panels

4. Project reference groups

Council throughout its term will recognise Project Reference Groups (PRGs) that are required to be established to carry out specific objectives of Council.

Each PRG will have its own objectives, the proposed representatives, the timeframe to carry out their objective(s) and reporting structure.

Panel of interested community members

A panel of interested community members will be formed to be available for selection on a particular PRG. 

Unless otherwise stated the PRG members will consist of no less than:

  • Three invited members from specific community groups, other government agencies or from skilled representatives in the community;
  • Two interested community representatives (chosen from a panel of interested community representatives); and
  • a relevant staff member(s).

Invited members

PRG membership also consists of invited members from specific community groups, other government agencies or from skilled representatives in the community. These invited members have been nominated by staff and approved by Council.

General information

At the end of the PRG's timeframe to carry out its objective(s) it will, in most cases, be disbanded whether it has completed the objectives or not. In some circumstances the timeframe may be extended by the appointing Committee or Council.

A Committee may also at any time reappoint the same PRG to carry out different objectives. The Committee may choose different community members from the panel already registered.

We have recognised Project Reference Groups (PRGs) that will be established to carry out specific objectives of Council.

5. Section 355 committees and boards of management

Under the Local Government Act 1993 Section 355 Council is able to delegate some of its functions to a committee of Council. 

Council uses this delegation and appoints community people to manage our facilities or functions through a committee of management. Memberships include a Councillor and community representatives. 

The committees allow those who are interested to have an active role in the management of Council facilities or services. 

Community involvement in managing community facilities results in better outcomes for locals while also engaging residents, providing an opportunity to participate in their local community life.

Benefits include:

  • giving protection to the committee operating under the banner of Council
  • providing Council with assistance in carrying out some of its functions. 

There are 10 Section 355 Committees and 3 Boards of Management.

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6. Other committees

Other committees are established in line with legislation or council resolution, and memberships consist of Councillor(s), Government Department and staff representatives

Committees Commenced
 Conduct Review Committee  13 August 2009
 Staff Consultative Committee  15 September 2008
 Staff OH&S Committee  15 September 2008
 Youth Council - meetings and minutes  


7. Regional committees

Council is represented on a number of community groups and industry bodies, these are known as regional committees.

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8. Community Roundtable

The Community Roundtable is held four times a year.  It is an opportunity for representatives from community groups to meet with Council staff to share information and discuss projects, plans and other important issues relating to Council operations. 

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