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This policy has been developed to provide guidance for Council staff to manage unreasonable customer conduct.  Its aim is to provide a framework for staff to:

  • feel confident and supported in taking action to manage unreasonable customer conduct
  • act fairly, consistently, honestly and appropriately when responding to unreasonable customer conduct
  • assess, identify and manage unreasonable customer conduct including applying restrictions where appropriate.




The objectives of this Policy are:

  • To effectively control the proper planting of trees, shrubs and landscaping on footpath and nature strip areas in road reserves and drainage easements.
  • To provide clear and safe pedestrian thoroughfares.
  • To prevent damage to Council’s underground water, sewerage and stormwater services and maintain access to services for maintenance.

This Pressure Sewerage Policy provides a framework for providing pressure sewer systems within the Byron Shire.

The policy details the responsibilities of Council, developers and individual property owners with respect to the construction, maintenance and operation of associated infrastructure and provides a basic guide to Council’s expectations.



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