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The Byron Shire Affordable Housing Contribution Policy (AHCP) offers a framework to advocate for, facilitate, provide and manage affordable housing contributions in Byron Shire.

This policy is accompanied by Procedures to Affordable Housing Contributions, to allow for more responsive approaches, including shorter review cycles and realistic resource allocations on procedural matters.



Arts and cultural activities enrich and enliven daily life.

The Arts and Cultural Policy includes:

  • Council supports the thriving arts and cultural activity already happening in the Byron Shire.
  • Collaboration and community-led governance result in more successful outcomes for the community and Council.
  • Council plays a key role in providing infrastructure to support arts and culture throughout the Shire.
  • Council supports an integrated approach to enabling cultural development.
  • Council supports arts and cultural initiatives that are engaging, inclusive, diverse and accessible.
  • Council promotes measurable outcomes for arts and cultural development activities.

The Arts and Culture Policy was adopted in August 2020. 

The purpose of the Asbestos Policy is to outline:

  • the role of council and other organisations in managing asbestos
  • council’s approach to dealing with naturally occurring asbestos, sites contaminated by asbestos and emergencies or incidents
  • general advice for residents on renovating homes that may contain asbestos
  • council’s development approval process for developments that may involve asbestos and conditions of consent
  • waste management and regulation procedures for asbestos
  • waste in the LGA council’s approach to managing asbestos containing materials in council workplaces
  • sources of further information.

A link to the Register of Council-owned buildings that contain asbestos is also provided below.

The objective of asset management is to maximise asset service delivery potential and manage related risks and costs over an asset’s entire life.

Asset management is about intervening at strategic points in an asset’s life cycle, optimising the performance of the asset and minimising the cost to maintain it.

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