Measuring community satisfaction

Council regularly measures how satisfied residents are with 36 key services.

2016 community satisfaction survey findings

  • 69% of residents were 'somewhat satisfied' with Council performance
  • 28% said that the natural environment was the most valued part of living here
  • Residents were most satisfied with garbage and recycling services
  • Residents were least satisfied with local roads

The top three important issues for residents were:

  • Managing population growth (18%)
  • Affordable housing (16%)
  • Condition and maintenance of roads (15%). 

Research objectives

Council does this research to: 

  • measure  residents’ levels of satisfaction with Council’s performance
  • understand residents’ views about the levels of importance of different services
  • identify opportunities for improvement
  • report to community on levels of satisfaction with Council services

A research company independently conducts this research and reports on results.