Sustainability Awards

The Byron Shire Sustainability Awards aim to celebrate our passionate community championing sustainability and environmental initiatives in the shire.

Sustainability is balancing the environmental, economic and social impacts to satisfy the needs of the present without affecting future generations' ability to meet their needs.

Nominations are open to individuals, community groups and organisations across four categories:

  • Sustainability
  • Biodiversity
  • Waste
  • Water

Your nomination sends a message that sustainability is important for the whole community and that everyone has a responsibility to make change happen.

If you are one of those taking action - or know someone who is - then nominate now! 

Submit your nomination

Nominations close: 5 June 2020

Please Note: The nomination period has been extended to 5 June 2020. Watch this space for further information and updates on the awards ceremony.

You can nominate yourself, or an organisation, individual or community group.

The nominee must:

  • Reside, be involved in projects, provide services and/or operate a business in Byron Shire
  • Show that they have taken significant action to benefit the environment
  • Show their efforts to improve the Byron Shire environment are above and beyond what would be expected as a usual part of their job or organisation
  • All information myst be true and accurate to the nest knowledge of the nominator
  • The activities described must meet all relevant legislative and statutory regulations, Council rules and relevant industry codes
  • The judges decision is final and will be made in good faith
  • Successful nominee/s should be willing to engage in Council promotional activities

Nominations are open in four categories:

  • Sustainability
  • Biodiversity
  • Waste
  • Water

Nominees can be made for an individual, community group or an organisation who are going above and beyond in sustainability of Byron Shire.

There will be a total of nine awards; two per category, one each for an organisation and a community group or individual.

The final award will be People's Choice. Nominees for this award will be made public once nominations close.

All shortlisted nominees will receive:

  • An invitation to attend our Make Change Happen Masterclass where you will be able to collaborate and share ideas with other change-makers in the shire, develop and promote your projects and be inspired
  • Recognition on Council platforms highlighting your projects, initiatives and promoting your work in the community

In addition, winners will receive:

  • A certificate to be presented at the official Sustainability Awards ceremony
  • Further prizes to be announced