SunSPoT solar mapping tool

Have you been thinking about installing solar? Try SunSPoT!

Council has formed an exciting partnership with the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APvI) who have developed a solar mapping tool for the Byron Shire community to use for free.

SunSPoT will help you calculate how much money and greenhouse gas emissions a solar system could save you. This great new tool uses detailed modelling data such as solar radiation, shading, orientation and roof tilt to give you personalised information for your home or business.

It’s a fantastic first step to take if you’ve been on the fence about solar. You can use it from the comfort of your own home and its obligation free!

For more information on how it works, head to the SunSPoT websiteor go straight to the Byron map to find your home or business.

Find out more about how it works by watching the video.


Transcript of video

This is Rachel in her family home.

Rachel would like to reduce her electricity bills.

They have a pool and a spa, and underfloor heating.

She avoids using the floor heating as it uses too much electricity.

Rachel’s curious to know if solar will save her money.

She’s using SunSPoT, the free solar potential tool to find out.

SunSPoT locates her roof.

The red and orange dots show the best areas for solar panels.

Rachel outlines where the panels can be installed.

She also puts in some electricity usage and billing details.

Rachel’s just found out that solar could save her $1060 a year!

Byron Shire Council has partnered with SunSPoT to help its households and businesses go solar.

Search for your address to see if your roof has been mapped and analysed by the SunSPoT team at UNSW.

Find out what solar can do for you today. Get your SunSPoT solar potential report at