ClimateClever is an innovative, data-driven platform that can help households and schools to easily:

  • Measure, calculate and track their carbon footprint.
  • Audit their buildings/houses. 
  • Act by creating a personalised action plan to reduce consumption, costs, and carbon emissions across electricity, gas, water and waste.

The App also tracks other climate related concerns including transport, food, banking and superannuation. 

Sign up to ClimateClever

All Byron Shire households can access the ClimateClever Homes App at the subsidised rate of $15 per year (50% off). An investment that will be recouped by making simple changes to behaviour.

We have purchased 50 Homes Apps to give to local residents to help you get started!

To sign up to ClimateClever and access your 50% discount, head to the ClimateClever website and select “get started”. 

Hurry, the first 50 households to sign up to the Homes App will get their annual subscription for free!

Sign up to ClimateClever

ClimateClever schools program 

Schools within the Shire also receive a 50% discount when joining the ClimateClever Schools program. 

How ClimateClever was developed

ClimateClever has been developed following years of research, successful pilots and demonstration projects with Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living.

ClimateClever has distilled the most effective components of these pilots to create the platform and interactive online tools.